The Bible Biz curriculum is written straight to the heart of the Bizzer.  I love how, throughout the syllabus, Bizzers are encouraged and applauded for devoting time to studying and learning God’s word.  The “So What…” sections hit home every time.  Bible Biz is the perfect way to set teens on a path to the discipline of daily Bible reading and study.


Marla Royer

Bible Biz encouraged me to dig deep—really deep—into Scripture on my own. Its verse-by-verse approach shows students how to savor God’s Word and equips them to study themselves. It is a fantastic initial step into spiritual discipline and taking ownership of your faith, which is vital for the transition to college and adulthood.


Adult in 30’s went through the complete program beginning from age 4.


Sarah Spence

Memorizing scripture and learning the stories of the Bible in Bible Blast built a strong foundation of spiritual resources for me to draw upon throughout my adulthood. Blast teaches straight from the Bible in a fun, engaging way that I looked forward to every week. I am now in my 30s and I find myself leaning on the Word of God I learned at a young age – I can even still remember the songs we used to learn the books of the Bible. Other platforms like Sunday school, kids camps, youth groups, or even Sunday morning services don’t even come close to the level of impact that Bible Blast had on my life. When I have children of my own, Bible Blast will be a top priority!


30 year old – graduated from Blast and Biz


Sarah Kathryn