Apparel Package for Churches


 The shirts are used as rewards for their accomplishments throughout their Bible Blast journey!  This is a good way to stock up on the T-shirts you’ll need as your students’ wiz through Bible Blast. Coaches & Parents that help with Bible Blast will want to be a part of Blast by wearing their shirts. Just like scouts or sports teams – showing your kids you are committed to the program says a lot!
18 Reward T-Shirts
  •      5 Logo: Youth size- 2S, 2M, 1L
  •      5 Go Full Blast: Youth size- 2S, 2M, 1L
  •      3 Big Memories: Youth size- 2S, 2M, 1L
  •      1 Know the Right stuff: Youth size M
  •      1 Psalmist: Youth size M
  •      1 Sword of Spirit: Youth size M
  •      1 Sermon on the Mount: Youth size M
  •      1 Blaze: Youth size M
6 Coach/Parents T-Shirts
  •      6 Coach T-shirts:  Adult size- 2M, 2L, 2XL
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Weight6.375 lbs
Dimensions15 × 9 × 12 in
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