Bible Biz®

Continuing where Bible Blast leaves off

Strategically designed to turn young believers into finding the promises of God on their own, Bible Biz is intended for ages 5th through 12th grades.  The youth love the social interaction of the gaming atmosphere. And they love the candy they can win each week!

Bible Biz is student-driven, designed to teach the young person how to search the scriptures themselves without parental assistance.  Five times a week, student use their Bible Biz Manuals to do a five-minute study of short portions of scripture.  They will use their study Bibles, be directed to maps, concordance references, charts and commentaries teaching them how to study scripture. After doing their short study at home, they come to church each week prepared for a fun, exciting time of teaching and competition.

Bible Biz begins the process of turning your child into a disciple of Christ on their own.

Bible Biz F.A.Q.

Most Needed Answers for Parents and Directors

What is Bible Biz?

Bible Biz is an inductive Bible study course that goes through an entire book of the Holy Bible verse-by-verse. Through the NIV study Bible and personal devotional, the student is able to learn how to use his/her own Bible for study. They learn such things as using the concordance, maps, charts, commentaries all included in one Bible. Bible Biz teaches the student how to study the Word of God.

Exactly what age would benefit from the Bible Biz program?

Bible Biz is a program designed for 5th grade through high school. It can then be divided up for the lesson and quizzing to make it more age appropriate. For example, 5 & 6th, 7th & 8th and 9th-12th separated into groups.

What books of the Bible are available for study in Bible Biz thus far?

The books of Matthews (4 Semesters), The book of Acts (4 Semesters), John (4 Semesters), James (2 Semesters), Hebrews (1 Semester) and James-Jude (1 Semester) are currently available -A total of 16 semesters.

What is the calendar set up for Bible Biz?

Bible Biz can easily be utilized within the school calendar, from September through the end of April. Most of the curriculum books of Bible Biz divide into 4 semesters. It takes two years to complete some books while others are 1 semester long.

Does Bible Biz have extensive memory and questions to learn each week?

NO, NO, NO. Bible Biz is designed for the students at both extremes. It will teach the student that does no weekly Bible study or the student that dives in each day to God’s words. No student will feel behind or excluded because they did not do their devotionals through the week. Memory is optional for Bible Biz. There is a set memory verses schedule programmed into the weekly devotionals for those students that want that challenge. Of course the director can add incentives to reward those that complete their memory. One suggestion is for the group to be offered the chance to take a trip or outing in town per semester for those that complete a minimum of 15 verses per semester. This trip rewards and solidifies the Bible Biz group. There are as many as 60 memory verses per semester that are within this study that are optional.

Does this program exclude those that do not study or memorize?

NO, NO, NO. This answer is repeated to emphasize that Bible Biz is designed to meet the needs of the church for all young people—those that have discipline and those that are learning to be disciplined. Getting into God’s word is a discipline and Bible Biz begins to take the young person from milk and teaches them how to chew-“beef jerky” if you will. This course of study does not exclude those that are just beginning to ruminate in God’s word. The student will learn each week whether than belly up to the banquet table each day or not. Through the weekly lessons and videos, the student begins to place line-upon-line and precept-upon-precept. It is exciting to see this happen!!!!

What does a typical weekly meeting look like for Bible Biz?

Optional memory recitation time before meeting. Prayer Announcements Watch video – Gospel of John (Matthew, Acts, etc), available at Lesson on specific verses covered that week Quiz Time with or without elecrtonic buzzer machines Prizes for Winners and Almost-Winners

What materials are needed for the students in Bible Biz?

Bible Biz is a course and two items are needed per student. 1. NIV Study Bible a. Pages and charts and maps are referred to in this study and any substitute would be confusing for the student. 2. One consumable devotional Bible Biz Manual per Bizzer a. Contains 10 weeks of daily devotionals.

What is Quiz time?

Quiz time during Bible Biz is the fun part! It is the “gaming” and social interaction elements that young people love. The director is in front of the group with the questions and answers. The director may use an electronic quizzing machine where each student has a hand pad to buzz into the director’s answer pad. This pad indicates who buzzed in first giving that person the ability to answer. If your budget does not allow for this, simply dividing up into teams is fun as well. Further directions of just what the rules of the game are can be answered later. The weekly Bible Biz quiz questions are not given out each week for the students to learn.  There is a specific, definite reason for this.  Bible Biz differs from a typical “Quizzing Program.”  Bible Biz is designed for the student to study and meditate on the portion of scripture contained in that weeks Bible Biz devotionals, NOT TO MEMORIZE ANSWERS TO QUESTONS.  The student is encouraged to study the devotions and corresponding scriptures and the weekly quiz questions come from that.  If quiz questions are given out to study, the student simply is repeating back answers making their study nothing more than preparation for trivial gaming.

What prizes for winning the quiz are given?

It will amaze you just what young people will do for a candy bar or an inexpensive school supply. Two big buckets for the “winners” and “Almost-winners” can be filled with candy or school incidentals. The young people will go crazy for anything. They love to compete and have fun. In addition to a weekly fun reward is to give each young person a “chip” (some sort of “thing) for answering each question, being on time, having their Bible, wearing a green socks (have fun with this!). At the end of the semester, tally up points per chip and give awards. The young people love words of encouragement and recognition spoken over them—don’t we all!

How is Bible Biz financed?

It is simple. If your youth wins any kind of prize, the money should come back in offering the following week. Candy bars or inexpensive fun school item are 50 cents – $1. These prizes are designed to keep the young person enthused and engaged in the program. It is amazing what a little candy bar and some mild/wild competition does.

OK—What is the cost of all these items for Bible Biz?

Below are the costs of each item. 1. Consumable devotional – Bible Biz manual – $12.00 a. Can be purchased online or by calling (918) 446-4844. 2. NIV STUDY Bible (Not Student Bible but STUDY Bible) $20.00  – hardback is studier)