About Bible Biz

A continuation of where Bible Blast ends

Designed for ages 5th-12th grade

A verse-by-verse study of God’s Word

Incorporates a short daily devotional

Set up for use with school calendar

Electric quizzing equipment for lots of social interaction

Teaches the use of concordance, maps, charts and commentaries

Serious study of God’s Word and a HUGE, HUGE amount of fun!

Having a Blast with Bible Blast?

Check out Bible Biz, the perfect teen Bible Curriculum!


Want to see your child motivated to study God’s word on their own?

Homeschool Bible Curriculum | Bible Blast

Youth Leaders

Need a “more Bible” program as a part of your youth ministry?

Homeschool Bible Curriculum | Bible Blast

Bible Biz meets both these goals

Bible Biz at Home

Bible Biz at Church

What is Quiz time?

Quiz time during Bible Biz is the fun part!

It is the “gaming” and social interaction elements that young people love. The director is in front of the group with the questions and answers. The director may use an electronic quizzing machine where each student has a hand pad to buzz into the director’s answer pad.

Bible Biz Teen Bible Curriculum differs from a typical “Quizzing Program.”  Bible Biz is designed for the student to study and meditate on the portion of scripture contained in that weeks Bible Biz devotionals, NOT TO MEMORIZE ANSWERS TO QUESTIONS.  The student is encouraged to study the devotions and corresponding scriptures and the weekly quiz questions come from that.  If quiz questions are given out to study, the student simply is repeating back answers making their study nothing more than preparation for trivial gaming. Bible Biz is an ideal Teen Bible Curriculum.

Top 10 Reasons Bible Biz Is For You!

What You Need for Bible Biz

biz products

-1 Consumable Student manual

This Bible Biz Student manual contains 50 devotionals that will take the student through 5 days of scripture study completing 20-30 verses per week (10 weeks per book.)


-Questions Book for Parent/Director

The Questions book contains 10 weeks of questions – 40-50 questions per week are gleaned from the Bible Biz Student Manual.


-Lesson Book for Parent/Director

This book contains 15-20 minutes lessons for each week in Bible Biz – ten lessons per semester. Each lesson will further the study of the material that the Bible Biz youth completed for the week. The perfect teen Bible curriculum. A great outlined lesson with even greater amounts of fun!

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