Bible Blast at Church

Bible Blast Church Curriculum is designed to be used in many learning environments: including churches big and small.

Churches all across the nation are using this program for either Wednesday or Sunday activities.

Once a week, Bible Blast meets together for the motivational, high-energy, incentive-driven, reward-giving Bible Blast program.

We know you have questions… Here are some answers!

How many volunteers will we need?

Bare minimum would be three volunteers – a Director and two more needed during the quizzing part of the program. As the size grows, so do the number of volunteers needed. There will usually be at least one parent of every child there so you have a built in volunteer base to call on as your program grows in number of children involved. Parents love Bible Blast and are more than wiling to volunteer.

How much does it cost?

In the strictest sense, it is financed by the parents. Whatever the child earns in awards/prizes, the parents are to reimburse through an offering. This is like any other program that children are involved in. Whether it is a sports team, dance class, or music lessons, the parents are ultimately responsible for every reward. The church will initially provide the prizes, but the parents are responsible to reimburse. An example of this is to look at a train. The engine (Director) is provided by the church and the coal car that keeps the program going is the parents.

What do I need to begin?

Church Curriculum

Yes, once you choose Bible Blast Church Curriculum, the Director’s Manual has an easy, step-by-step set-up to follow for the weeks prior to the first meeting as well as through the entire year. Included are sample bulletin announcements, parent orientation notes, Bible Blast Church Curriculum clip art, resources for ordering prizes, actual room arrangements, meeting schedules, and much more.

What you need for Bible Blast at Church Curriculum

Bible Blast Parent Manual

Picture Bible

Bible Blast Rap CD

Bible Blast Theme Song CD

Bible Blast Director’s Manual Binder

Bible Blast Director’s Manual CD

bible blast at church
bible blast for parents

Each family participating will also need the Bible Blast at Home package.

This is a one-time investment for as many years as you choose to use go through Bible Blast

Picture Bible

Bible Blast Parent Manual

Bible Blast Director’s Manual CD

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